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You should buy a router for using Wi-Fi internet. You can buy any router that you need for your area. There are various types of routers available in the market. Based on your budget, area and number of devices, you should buy a router. By a cable internet connection, you cannot use the internet on multiple devices but if you use a router, then you can use the same internet connection on multiple devices. Now you can use the internet in a laptop, smartphone and tablet Pc. This is why you need a router and you have to configure and router the device. Those are very easy to do.
Configuration the device comes first and this is why you need to attentive for doing this and later you have to setup the device. When you have received the router, you just unbox the device and bring out all of the important things what you will get in the router box. For configuration the device and settings, you need to read the reading materials (router manual and papers) what come with the instruction. You read those things Now the reader should take steps for the configuration of the device and then setup all of the settings for the router.
Now lets the configure the device and you have read the all reading materials what you have found in the router box. You are well prepared. Now you have to use the Ethernet cable with the router for making a connection with the router with the computer. If you do not give power to the router, you cannot setup anything and the device will not run. Use the power adapter with the router for giving the power to the router and turn on the device. Now you have to setup the setting and this is why you should read the manual and other papers.
Now use a browser and on the browser address bar, you need to use the IP address. If you use Buffalo router, then the default IP address is If you do not make any mistake while typi9ng the IP address, then you may see the login form of the IP address. On the form of the browser, you have to use the default username and password. If you get any error message from the browser, then you should check the IP address what you have typed. However, if you see the login form of the browser, you need to use the username and password, then press the login button and login to the router.
In most of the routers, you will get the wizard tool. Click on the wizard tool and you have to put some data in every step and when you fill up some data step by step, then click on the next button. At the final step, you have to save the data. Many users even experts also prefer to use the Wizard tool. Because it saves time and it works first. If you are an expert, then you should also use the Wizard tool.
You can setup the manual settings. But it kills time and you may not work properly if you set up settings manually and you have no much idea. You have to do the same thing manually what you have done by the wizard tool. But for the manual setting, you need to learn many things and you should be more advanced. If you read the router manual and you have experience of the setup internal settings by the Wizard tool, then you are ready for the manual settings. But I suggest all of the administrators to use Wizard tool.
You have to ensure the best security for Wi-Fi and this is why you have to give your best attempts. You have to setup the encrypted security WPA2-PSK. This is the best-encrypted feature and this is very hard to hack. If you enable encrypted feature, then you have completed one step of security feature but you have to secure the Wi-Fi in every method. In the Wi-Fi security, there are various options which are a very important thing. If your router is very latest, then you will get all of the latest features in the router and Wi-Fi security. You should enable all of the options.
In the Wi-Fi security, you will get the option for Wi-Fi password and you should enable that Wi-Fi feature. You must give the password for 10 to 13 digits long. The password should be made of numbers, letters (upper and lower case) and symbol. You must change the SSID network name. Changing the SSID network name secures the Wi-Fi. It is very hard to identify the device owner. You must use MAC filtering option. By this MAC filtering option, you can filter devices and you can choose what device you want to let connect with your Wi-Fi or not. If you find more features in the router for Wi-Fi security, then you should use those features.
IP address confliction error is the only cause what does not let you use the internet and without changing the IP address, you cannot use Wi-Fi. When multiple devices in the same network with same IP address, then IP address confliction problem occurs. You can solve the problem by changing the IP addresses from all of the devices. You have to use unique IP addresses in all those devices on the same network. However, when you use different IP address in the router, then you should set unique IP addresses in all of those devices and save it. You can leave the default IP address on one device and it will be unique in the network too.
Reset the router is another way of solving the various problem of the router. If your router is making any problem for the settings, then you have to reset the router. On the router, you will get reset button what you need to press for 15 to 20 seconds and the router will be reset. In the router manual, you will get information about router reset, router setting is not a very difficult task but if you read more. In the router manual, you will get troubleshooting chapter where you will get many solutions of different problems. Nothing is difficult if you study.
In the router manual, you will get many important things what you cannot learn from any other websites. You should read the router manual from beginning to end and a to z to know more. You should be smart if you want to solve all problems quick. That is why you should read the manual of the router. You can visit YouTube.com site to get video instructions.